May We Never Have To Say Goodbye

May we never have to say goodbye. 

‘May we never have to say goodbye’, words from the song by Shaun Davey fill my heart as my 7 years in Cabra West draw to a close. They have been 7 grace filled and blessed years, and I have felt so much at home here since the very early days. I have shared in your joys and sorrows, and you in mine. Cabra West is an amazing Parish- I have heard that often from visitors down the years. It is one of the few Churches in the Diocese that does not have physical pillars- but the lack of them is more than made up for by so many who have made this Church so secure and welcoming, and who continue to do so.

A Parish Priest I think is like a Captain of a boat, and the time has come for me to hand it over to another Captain, Fr Paul Thornton, who will no doubt guide you through the waters of life for the next number of years. Priests come in all shapes and sizes, we all have various and different gifts- so please do welcome Fr Paul l as you did me. Fr Paul will be Parish Priest of the two Cabra Parishes as I have been since last August. He will live in the Presbytery on the New Cabra Road. I will soon be given the Captaincy of another boat, the Parish of Donnycarney- so pray for the people there too!!

I hope I have done and said more good than bad, and that when all is said and done that I will be remembered as someone who did his best; was not always perfect, but few of us are. I will carry with me from here nothing but the very best of memories. 

Despite Co Vid 19, I was so happy to mark 20 years of Priesthood here in June 2020. I thank everyone who was so kind to me during those grace filled days. Over the years I have worked with some great people- you know who you are, the years would not have been so special and fruitful without you all. I remember in particular the many pilgrimages to the various Marian Shrines, Knock, Lourdes, and Fatima- times of prayer and laughter in abundance. I will really miss those memorable journeys. 

To all who have been so good to me not only over the last number of weeks but throughout the last 7 years I sincerely thank you all. I will always carry the people of Cabra West in my heart. This is not goodbye, but ‘au revoir’, and we will meet each other again. 

Fr Michael PP.