Easter Message 2019

 Dear friends.

Christ is risen. He is truly risen’. With those words Orthodox Christians Greet each other at Easter Time. These words get to the heart of what Easter is all about. It is amazing how many ‘Christians’ don’t believe in the actual Resurection. For them Jesus died on Good Friday and he remains dead, and somehow the good he did while alive continues to inspire over a Billion Christians. Yet those who believe such a thing are not really Christians. Our faith rises or falls on this central truth of faith. If Christ is not raised our hope is in vain proclaimed St Paul. What Easter proclaims is that God is victorious over sin and human death. That is why when we lose a loved one through death, we can be confident that they are alive in God and one day we will meet them again.

My thanks at Easter go to each and every one of you who help in any way in building up this local Church of Cabra West. There are far too many to mention; but please rest assured all you do is really appreciated. As I have said so many times we have a Parish to be very proud of. Visitors continually mention how bright and welcoming the Church is, both the building and also the people. Long may it continue.

In the coming months we look forward to the celebration of First Holy Communion in May, and Confirmation in June. Archbishop Martin will visit the Parish on June 9th to administer the Sacrament of Confirmation during the 11.30am Mass.

This is a year of celebrations for two of our Schools. The Dominican Sisters celebrate 200 years in Cabra West, arriving all the way back in 1819. We had a special Mass in the Church at the end of January. In April we celebrated 75 years of St Finbarr’s BNS with a Mass in the School Hall. We send our congratulations to all concerned. These celebrations highlight how successful Catholic Schools have been and continue to be. In the years ahead the government are asking a number of heretofore Catholic Schools to change their Patronage. This may well come to our own door in the years ahead, but rest assured we will have a consultation to find out what the different stake holders really want. If this concerns you it might be good to let your local politicians know so they can represent your voice better in the Dail.

After the summer we look forward to our Annual Wedding Anniversary Mass in October, and then our Special Mass in November for all who have died in the past year.

My thanks to those who support all our collections, especially the Family Offering Collection which is the only collection that stays in the Parish. As already mentioned the Parish continues to have more expenses than income coming in. Only for the few savings we have we would really struggle to keep going. Anyone who has any ideas how we might address this please let me know. We are not the only Parish facing a financial deficit, but we cannot just do nothing. Every parishioner should contribute to the upkeep of their Parish Church. Priests come and go, but it is the people that make the Parish. We owe it to the upcoming generations to have a Parish where they can come and celebrate their faith. The generosity of so many built the Church in times much more difficult than today.

On behalf of the Parish team I wish you and your families every blessing at Easter and throughout the remaining months of 2019. Christ is risen. He is truly risen’. Alleluia. Alleluia.

Fr Michael O’Grady PP
Easter 2019.