Creation 2012

Creation Time 2012

 Creation Time is an opportunity for all Christians to reflect on the wonder and mystery of Creation, to choose better ways to relate to Creation, ways that reflect God's ways of Justice and Peace.

On Sunday 2nd September we celebrated the beginning of "Creation Time" by having Claire Carey speak at all Masses.  Claire works with the Columbans in Dalgan Park, Navan, Co Meath.

creation 2012 021sr clare claire and john 

 This year the parish decided to highlight the Creation Mandala, a creative work of art which is produced by the artisans of the Subanen people of the northwest of Mindanao in the Philippines. Mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning circle.  In the Hindu and Budhist traditions, Mandalas are circles symbolically designed to represent cosmic order.  The Creation Mandala honours the Creator and the eight circular images within symbolise the crucial events in the unfolding story of the birth of the universe.

Creation Mandala

The Creation Mandala contains eight circular images that symbolize crucial events in the unfolding of the Universe.  These events are :

1.  The Birth of the Universecreation mandala

2.  The Birth of the Galaxies

3.  The Birth of the Solar System

4.  The  Birth of the Earth

5.  The Birth of Life

6.  The Birth of Humans

7.  The Birth of the Ecological Age

Each circle is highlighted and explained on individual banners that will remain on display in the church until the end of the season of Creation Time, which is on 4th October, the feast of St Francis of Assisi.

The Subanen people of the Philippines finely crafted The Creation Mandala and it is on display at the Mission Centre, Malate Catholic Church, Manila.  Mandalas can be purchased through the Columbans at Dalgan Park, Co. Meath.

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